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Next Portuguese Online Courses:

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Level: A1.1

Start: June 2

Schedule: 14.00pm-15.30pm

Tuesday and Friday

Duration: 30 hours live

Includes online tutoring

Each group is limited to 9 people


before 300€ now 247

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Level: A1.2

Start: May 25

Schedule: 2.30pm-4.30pm

Monday and Wednesday

Duration: 50 hours live

Includes online tutoring

Each group is limited to 9 people


before 500€ now 399€

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pour francophones


Niveau: A1.1 

Début: Mai 26

Calendier: 9:00-10.30

Mardi et Jeudi

Durée: 30 heures


avant 300 maintenant 247€

Learn Portuguese

Aprendre le Portugais


ISTA Portuguese courses are specifically designed for adult learners at different levels.

Our qualified and experienced teachers ensure you make real progress, help you successfully achieve your goals and communicate with confidence in Portuguese.


Les cours de portugais sont spécialement conçus pour les apprenants adultes de différents niveaux.

Nos professeurs qualifiés et expérimentés vous assurent de réels progrès, vous aident à atteindre vos objectifs avec succès et communiquent en toute confiance en portugais.

Would you like to learn European Portuguese at Home?

Our online Portuguese courses are the perfect choice if you want to learn Portuguese for the first time or reach a higher level of proficency. Now you can learn Portuguese without leaving the comfort of your house.


With many levels available you can make fast progress and in precisely the right level class for you!

Students study online using our Zoom classrooms, which allow teachers to share their screen and also create break out rooms for students to practice their Portuguese in small groups. We use interactive games such as Kahoot and Babadum. The platform also allows all the students to see each other, making this experience the next best thing to being actually in the classroom!

What does ISTA have to offer?

  • Experienced Teachers

  • Classes on Zoom platform

  • See your classmates from around the world

  • All digital materials included

Schedule Your Lesson / Réservez votre place


Private lessons

In the regime of private lessons the program is developed according to the student, which allows greater flexibility both in terms of timetable and in terms of topics to be studied.

Private lessons guarantee total attention from the teacher, which provides a learning process adapted to the student, with a higher performance.


Price List 2019/20


Individual Lessons
1-9 hours - 27 €/hour
10 hour package - 260€


30 hour package - 750€

Private Group (2 to 3 students)
1-9 hours - 33 €/hour
10 hour package - 315€


30 hour package - 900€


Private Group (4 to 8 students)
1-9 hours - 40 €/hour
10 hour package - 360€


30 hour package - 1020€

Price list last updated: May 5, 2020

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